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Thread: A Conundrum the Family Of Andrew Fraser (1808-1853)

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    Question A Conundrum the Family Of Andrew Fraser (1808-1853)

    Im Looking for the Parents Of Andrew Fraser, in the 1851 census his birth is given as 1810, but in the 1841 its given as 1808, his birthplace is listed as Manchester (in Lancashire, UK). But i am unable to find his parents, i have his marriage in 1829 in Manchester Cathedral to Hannah Worsley.
    Also finding the name of any Siblings would also be appreciated, as i have been unable to find any of these either
    If you want to know the name of his children, just ask and ill tell you them all.

    Joel Fraser

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    his birthplace may wrong, he may be from scotland recently in generations.

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    I'll move this over to the Research Qs & As forum in the hope that someone may be able to help.

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    Hello Fraser,

    were the witness' on the marriage certificate family members at all?

    re the differing years of birth, on the 1841 Census the ages were usually (but not always!) The ages of people over 15 years old were usually rounded down to the nearest 5 years. For example, someone who was actually 24 years would have their age listed as 20, and someone who was actually 27 years old would have their age listed as 25.
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