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Thread: ACT (Canberra) Lookups and Photos

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    ACT (Canberra) Lookups and Photos

    Willing to go to the Canberra Cemetery and Crematorium Gardens if that is a help to anyone.

    Could also photograph a name on the War Memorial Wall of Honour.

    Online Canberra Cemeteries:

    Norwood Park Crematorium contact details:
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    Dear Yvonne. Thanks for your kind offer. I have a Nancy COMANS in Canberra buried 14 August 2001 and her son Michael COMANS buried 6 July 2003 and another son Peter COMANS I have no death date but between 1994 and 2001. Please contact me by personal message through this site.
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    Thanks for your message. Have sent you a reply and will see what can be arranged.

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    Have just added lookup and contact details to the first post.

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    Just updating to a new online link to all three Cemeteries in the ACT:

    The crematorium details are still correct.
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