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Thread: Calling All Myers From Leeds....Cohen from Canada needs Help

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    thanks for the welcome! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrechtsman View Post
    Hi Naomiatt,
    I have no burial info. for any Cohens in Leeds. Some of them came to Canada when Fannie and Samuel Cohen married. Some of them stayed in the UK. My grandmother's maiden name was Myers not Myer and that name appears on the records I do have. I will however check some variations on both names as the thought never occurred to me to do otherwise. It's a daunting quest with both names. That's for sure. I see on your list you are searching for names I'm also familiar with....Greenberg and Tishman. In fact, my great Aunt Rae (deceased 1959) who was a "Myers" married a Greenberg. Anyway, thanks again and if you want to ask any more questions of my connections...ask away.
    I've put *** by my questions -

    Samuel (Sam) Cohen (died 1936 or 9) - **when was he born??
    Sam had numerous brothers and maybe a sister (no names known) - **how did you get that info?
    Grandmother's name was Fanny (Fannie) Myers/Cohen (died 1961)
    She had 4 sisters and 1 brother (all deceased, dates unknown) - ***ditto
    Their names were Beatrice, Sarah, Edith, Rachel and Cecil (Sisel) - ****do you know who they married...was this in Leeds or Liverpool etc
    Fanny's parents (both deceased) were I believe Lewis Myers and Betsy Myers Hasrras or Harris - ***did they come to the UK?
    All were tailors.
    Lewis (Louis) Myers (d) and Betsy Myers parents were (I think) Benjamin Myers and Sarah Kates - ****did they come to the UK?
    Samuel Cohen (d. 1939) parents were Morrice (or Morris) and Sarah Rebecca Erenberg (Eisenberg or something "berg").....I have Samuel and Fannie's MC - ****do you also have the Hebrew Marriage Authorisation? ****Who were the witnesses? ***When and where did they marry?
    *****Do you have any census info relating to these families?
    **Do you have information of the arrival to Canada? **Have you found any of them leaving the UK?

    With the surnames, as Christine mentioned, there can be so many you have to look at other options and not just the mainstay spellings.

    With the Tisman/Tishman' ggf's sister married a Greenberg in the of their sons, Albert (d.) owned the Supreme Brooklyn Pet Shop
    Emporium..if you google that name, a link will come up with a photo of Albert and his 2nd wife...
    Albert's brother was Walter (d). I 'think' the parents were Hattie and Bernard.
    On the Cohen to Canada gf's sister, also Tisman/Tishman, married a Cohen and went to of the daughters also married a
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    I don't have a Jewish connection directly in my own tree - or not yet, anyway! - but my alternative footer may explain my interest here...


    In this context, researching: FRIEDMAN/FREEMAN (England, NSW Australia, Pikallin in Lithuania), MARKS (England, VIC & NSW Australia, NZ, Himbach-Limeshain in Germany) STORCH (Himbach-Limeshain in Germany), COHEN, JACOBS JONES, BENJAMIN, GOLDSMID (London, England), & GOLDBERG (Lithuania)

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    Hi again - been's probably easier to look at each family first - so, with the Myers..presume they stayed in Leeds??
    I don't know if you have any marriages for Beatrice, Sarah, Edith, Rachel and Cecil (Sisel) or what ages we're looking at...
    but, for example..there is this for an Edith -
    Marriages Dec 1914
    Marsden Donald F Myers Leeds 9b 592
    Myers Edith Marsden Leeds 9b 592
    this for a Cecil -
    Marriages Jun 1921
    Myers Cecil H Ward Leeds 9b 652
    Ward Lily Myers Leeds 9b 652
    This for a Sarah -
    Marriages Dec 1919
    Myers Sarah Flaxman Leeds 9b 1152
    etc etc........

    Not sure when the family got to the UK...there is this death record -
    Deaths Mar 1841
    MYERS Sarah Kaye Liverpool 20 240
    could be a coincidence, or Fanny's grandmother..
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    There is a border crossing from Canada to Buffalo, Ny in 1928 for a Cecil Myers born in Leeds with a father Louis living in Toronto. It lists his age as 23.

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    As I am still not quite sure what you know as fact and what you are still struggling with, can you do us a time line for each family (the Cohens and the Myers) and then perhaps we can give you some practical help.

    Do you have a family tree programme, or a public tree on the internet?


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    Thanks so much Naomiatt. VERY much appreciated. What I now will do, given your suggestions and the facts that I'm certain of, get everything written down and out there with dates, so you can see. None of the above unfortunately "rings any bells" I do have some info. on Beatrice, Sarah, Edith Rachel and Cecil (Sisel) and I will post those as well. Most of them left Leeds and came to Canada and the U.S. You've done a lot of look ups on my behalf. I've never had anyone interested or willing to work like this before. Thank you thank you. Watch for the info. post...coming to your nearest Family Tree Forum.

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    Karen are an angel. That's our Cecil Myers. The dates fit and that's him! YIPEEEEEEEE!!!! I completely missed him on Thanks so much.

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    Olde Crone (if I may be so bold).....You are the first person in the last 10 years to even ask what I'm struggling with. I'm the lone wolf in the family trying to put a tree together to pass on to our family. They enjoy the results, but no one is willing to push through barriers and do the work. I do not have a family tree programme, or a public tree on the internet. I suppose that's next and I will do it. My family tree is on a big piece of bristol board that I drag around from computer to computer, from upstairs to downstairs and back up again. It's got frayed edges. Anyhow, enough of's what I've got....with a big wildcard at tne end of it all. My struggles will appear with question marks.

    Myers Family First
    Martha Harris (Harras, Harrsas) (b.1810) (d. ?)
    Martha's Children (Betsy Myers, b. 1872 or 8) Lillian Myers b. 1889 d? Lillian married Ed (Stern?) in New York.
    There is a Kiev, Kieff connection. Russia is sometimes mentioned on some certificates.
    Betsy Harris Harras Harrsas Myers married Lewis (Louis Lewis Myers b. 1871, Died January 12, 1933, Lambton Cemetary 1933, Toronto)
    Both were tailors, tailoresses
    Lewis and Betsy had 5 children:
    Fannie or Fanny (b. 1892 d. 1961) Beatrice (b. 1897 married Joe Berger???, 1 son Martin (d 2006), Sarah (b.1895 married Moshe, died of heart attack???) Edith (Married to Mo, daughter Martha Roslyn, died a week before her wedding)
    Rachel (Rae) Myers married Louis Greenberg (d?) had 1 son MG.
    Cecil (Sisel) b. 1904, July 11 D.???) married to Francis (d. car accident) lived in U.S.
    All of the above lived in Leeds (as far as I know) and came over by boat from Liverpool to Montreal.
    My goal in the above Myers family is to go back further than Martha Harris (Harrsas) and fill in some dates and gaping holes in marriages, births, deaths. Here's the big wildcard in the Myers family. There's been numerous rumours of the SECUNDA name. My grandmother Fannie often mentioned a Spanish connection...Jews tossed out of Spain during The Inquisition. I've had absolutely no luck finding anything there, and I've reserached and looked. I've written YIVO in New York and although finding a SECUNDA, have not been able to make what I believe to be a solid connection there. Although who knows ??????? the Cohen Family Next
    Fannie Myers Cohen (d) married Sam (Samuel Cohen d. 1933 or 9???...buried in Toronto)
    Sam's Parents were Morris (Morrice) Cohen (b. 1853) and Sarah Rebecca (Erenberg....?berg...b. 1851)
    They were all from Russia ?????
    Fannie (b. 1892) and Sam were married in 1914 in Montreal (have MC) Fannie came over on the Corsican from Liverpool (have document from Pier 21)
    They had 5 Children....Max, my father (d. 1950) Bernie (d. 2008) B, M, and Saul (d. 2007)
    So as you can see I know much more about the MYERS Family than the COHEN Family.
    I am a Cohen by birth and my father passed away when I was 1 years old. Perhaps, that's why I've been so driven to make family connections, put family rumours to rest and get the facts out to my broader family before the older members are no longer with us. Time is passing quickly these days and I'm well aware of the wealth of information that's with them and the stories left untold. Thanks OCH...whatever you can find or anyone else can find in Leeds or elsewhere I would be eternally thankful.

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    In answer to some your questions.....I'll do my best.
    I do not know the year Sam Cohen was born
    There is only a rumour about Sam having 9 brothers and perhaps 1 sister. No factual info.
    Check the long note I wrote to OCH....that should explain some things.
    Most came to Canada, via Liverpool, lived in assumption is the boat left from Liverpool
    I do have the Hebrew Marriage Authorization (only for Fannie and Samuel)
    No census information on anyone.
    Fannie arrived on the Corscian from Liverpool in 1912.
    thanks so much,

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