I am related to the well-known Irish writer: Edward Clifford, also known as Sigerson Clifford. He wrote the 'Boys of Bar Ne Srade'. He was my uncle, my father Gerald Clifford was one of his younger brothers. I have been able to trace, albeit roughly, up to my 3rd generation on my father's side, thanks to the information left by my Uncle. I would dearly love to find anyone who may have known of or even be related to anyone bearing the surname, Sigerson. Sigerson was the surname of my paternal grandmother, her first name was Mary Ann. I think they came from Cork and later lived in Dublin. My father came from Carchiveen.

I am also searching for anyone who may be related to or known anyone with the surname, Dinan. That was my mother's surname. I know she lived in Cork/Kerry for some time in the 1930s and met my father there.

Both my parents are dead now and so I am scratching around for information. 2 of my oldest siblings (8 in total and I am the youngest), can some things so I am trying to 'fill in the gaps'.
Thank you so much for reading this, and if anyone can help in any way, I would be grateful. Also, I live in Cambridgeshire so if anyone needs help searching at this end, I will help in any way. Just ask! I am available in the daytime, term time only!