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Thread: John Powell of Alfrick - reading the census?

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    John Powell of Alfrick - reading the census?

    I have been trying to trace a family tree and got stuck with John Powell.
    On the 1884 Marriage Certificate, his father was Thomas Powell, a labourer.
    According to 1891, 1901 and 1911 Census in Salford, Lancashire, he was born about 1857-8 in Alfrick, Worcester.
    But I cannot find him in 1861, 1871 or 1881.
    The 1891 census shows a daughter, Ellen powell, aged 12 - but I also cannot find her in 1881.
    The census is particularly hard to read, and I cannot make out her place of birth - it looks like "Late M Newton".
    As an indication of how bad the census writing is, interpret it as PAVELL, and interpret it as BALD.

    Can anybody suggest where I can find John in the 3 earlier census records ?

    Or any good census interpreters who can have a look at the 1891 record and see if they can make out where Ellen was born ?

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    Could this be him in 1861 going under the name of Jonathon

    Piece/2088/ Folio 97/ Page 14


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    He's down as Jonathan in 1871 living with parents Thomas & Ellen. I can't find him as yet in 1881.

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    Wow - now I feel stupid - of course - Jonathon = John. Thanks Moggie

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