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Thread: Windows 7 and FTM

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    Windows 7 and FTM

    Need a bit of advice as now that I have windows 7, my FTM prog won't run the same despite trying a patch...just means I can't print documents or connect to the internet when working on my tree through FTM.. I have FTM 2005 as I have always been perfectly happy with it and it was working fine under Vista and XP but now that our main computer has given up the ghost we have 7 on the new one. I can still access FTM on the laptop because it is vista but wonder if I should change to the 2010 edition of FTM. Does the new programme just load over the old ???

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    this is from the site maybe something here can help ?
    and yes the new one does overide the existing one


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    FTM 2010 will overwrite 2008 and 2009 - but does not overwrite earlier versions.
    I have FTM 2006 and FTM 2010 installed separately on both of my laptops (XP & Vista).

    If you do install FTM 2010 then you can open data files from earlier versions - you will find your information will transfer very easily between the two programs.
    However, once you have imported your data into 2010 then the only way to go back to 2005/6 would be by exporting a GEDCOM - in other words the normal data files are not backward compatible.

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    Thank you both, have tried the update already with no success but am going to start from scratch again...I'll be back!

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    Am giving up for dinner!
    Seems to be a problem with the printer settings for FTM and I can't seem to get round it

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    I have found that some of the images/documents etc that are embedded as 'scrapbook' items in FTM 2006, cause the application to crash if you try to view them when you are using Windows 7.

    I have Windows 7, Vista and XP on three different PCs (research for work) and have found that there are compatability issues with Windows 7 and FTM 2006, that, even though there is supposed to be a 'patch' do not work.


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