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Thread: Online archives for Lyon, France, and thereabouts...

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    Post Online archives for Lyon, France, and thereabouts...

    A poster on a Rootsweb mailing list has drawn attention to this link (which I have just added to the Wiki):

    Archives en ligne - Archives municipales de Lyon

    That page has links to:
    Plus d'archives en ligne dans la région :

    * Ain
    * Ardèche
    * Drôme
    * Savoie
    * Romans
    * Saint-Etienne
    I was getting some error messages:
    The system returned:

    (111) Connection refused

    The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.
    when trying to get access to the actual searches, but am hopeful that this is a transient problem.

    Researching: BENNETT (Leics/Birmingham-ish) - incl. Leonard BENNETT in Detroit & Florida ; WARR/WOR, STRATFORD & GARDNER/GARNAR (Oxon); CHRISTMAS, RUSSELL, PAFOOT/PAFFORD (Hants); BIGWOOD, HAYLER/HAILOR (Sussex); LANCASTER (Beds, Berks, Wilts) - plus - COCKS (Spitalfields, Liverpool, Plymouth); RUSE/ROWSE, TREMEER, WADLIN(G)/WADLETON (Devonport, E Cornwall); GOULD (S Devon); CHAPMAN, HALL/HOLE, HORN (N Devon); BARRON, SCANTLEBURY (Mevagissey)...

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    Wow, I like this - Can get in no problem and see scans of registers

    Also the Archives Departementales du Nord also have a similar project going but when I last looked they didn't have the scans of the actual registers yet
    -only the 'tables décennales' and the 1906 census mainly

    Site web des Archives départementales du Nord - Archives en ligne - Tables décennales - Tables décennales

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    Ah brilliant, thank you so much for this! I was looking for a distant rellie who claimed to be born in Lyons. I was pretty sure where he fitted in on the tree, and now on this site I've found not only his baptism, but his parents marriage too, which confirms what I had suspected (he moved to America, then married his 1st cousin in England!). So, I'm happy to find the original docs to prove it all - and for free too, which is even better!


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    I'm so glad I shared this! Just wish I had some names in that area... or, maybe, not. It's probably quite tricky!


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    Taffy, am I right in thinking the Archives Départementales du Nord don't have Paris online?

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    most of mine seem to be from brittany. i do have some from normandy and paris though. i swore i had someone from lyons, but i must be getting them confused with bordeaux!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jean View Post
    Ok so it seems I am being a bit dumb
    I have clicked on link, gone to english summary,then resources online,then access to collections online then it tells me the webpage cannot be found
    what am i doing wrong please
    Did you get the same message as I did?
    I suspect that something you have been using is the same as I was using: a Mac and Firefox / Camino... both Mozilla browsers. Have you tried a different browser?


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    Amend that - I've got it to work OK on Camino:
    1. Ignored the English bit
    2. clicked on the text "Registres paroissiaux et d'état civil de lyon et des communes annexées : 1532 à 1932" (opens in new window)
    3. clicked on "> accéder aux registres" (opens in new window)
    4. the new window has the search options

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    Thanks Christine, I have just discovered that

    To forget your ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root....

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