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Thread: Anybody good at Census scribble please?

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    Anybody good at Census scribble please?

    Hi Folks,

    Try as I might, I cannot for the life of me decipher the occupations of William F. Byford and his brother Charles D. Byford. 1871 census. RG10, Piece 1662, Folio 216, Page 20. Any ideas please?

    I also have another bit of scribble on the 1851. Anyone guess as to the name of the abode at the top of the page - it looks to me like 'Episcopal Palace'?. Also, on the same page (but next property down) is a guy at Rose Cottage, and once again I have not a clue as to his occupation. Details are: HO107, Piece 1776, Folio 622, Page 19.

    Help please - I'm going cross-eyed..........!


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    William - Drum maj.: ...... Essex

    Charles - Serg't & Band ..... : ...... Essex ......

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    Rose Cottage man - Apparitor in Diocesan Crevet of Rochester ????

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    Address at top of page: Episcopal palace (as in Episcopal church ?)

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    The episcopal palace would be the bishop's residence, wouldn't it?

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    *Shuts eyes so as not to read Elaine's posts*

    Drum Maj: West Essex Militia

    and the other one:

    Apparitor in Diocesan Court of Rochester

    and I agree with you about the Episcopal Palace!

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    Sorry I haven't replied sooner - the site died on me, and wouldn't let me back in!

    Elaine - As regards William Byford, his occupation sounds about right as it has him down on the 1881 as a music teahcer and Chelsea Pensioner.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Merry Monty Montgomery View Post

    Apparitor in Diocesan Court of Rochester
    Sounds better than mine!

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    apparitor = a Roman officer who attended magistrates to execute their orders; In England a messenger that serves the process of a spiritual court; the beadle that carries the mace.

    (I never knew any of that!! lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaine ..Spain View Post
    Rose Cottage man - Apparitor in Diocesan Crevet of Rochester ????

    'Scuse my ignorance, but what on earth is an Apparitor? Sounds a bit spooky to me.......!



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