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Thread: what is the Militia Attestations Index 1886-1910 it is on origins

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    what is the Militia Attestations Index 1886-1910 it is on origins

    i have found may be my grandfather and his brother on it on it but it is going to cost £10 for a hard copy
    and i was wondering what would be on the hard copy?

    and would it be worth £10?

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    This is what it says on the British Origins site:

    What do these records tell you?
    The index records give the last name and first name of the militiaman, place and county of birth, and The National Archives reference.

    The original Attestation Papers, copies of which you can order online, are very rich, and can tell a great deal about these men and their families. They show the following details:
    name and number
    birthplace (can be anywhere in the world, including America, Australia, India, New Zealand, South Africa, as well as all over the British Isles)
    whether British subject
    current place of residence
    where they have lived for the previous twelve months
    present employer's name
    if an apprentice, name of master, date and place of indenture
    marital status
    number of children under 14 years of age
    whether they have been in prison
    whether they belong to the army or navy
    whether they have served in forces and if they have any pension
    if they were rejected for the services, on what grounds
    number of years to serve
    full description including marks
    statement of services: there are questions regarding service abroad, whether wounded, special instances of gallant conduct and medals; injuries in or by Army service.
    name and address of next of kin (In some instances show the mother, brothers and sisters and their addresses; the addresses can be world-wide.)
    The Attestation was filled in at the time of recruitment, and if a man was found to be medically unfit all his details remained on file. So even if your ancestor did not serve as a militiaman there may be something about him in these documents.

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    Aren't FMP supposed to be adding militia records soon? I wonder if they're the same ones?

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    There are different Militia Records for different periods of history. These later ones appear to give more information than earlier Militia Records. For example the Militia Lists for 1777 in Northants only give name and place where coming from and occasionally whether they were poor with so many children and an occasional occupation. Not all Militia Lists for this early period have survived but where they have survived they can be wonderful documents for finding a "lost" ancestor in a county. Northants have lists 1763 and 1777. Each county keeps its own lists with many master copies in TNA. Then there are Militia lists for mid 1800's. My own Grt G father was a soldier in the Crimea War and all his papers are in TNA to include his time in the North Lincolnshire Militia from 1872 until 1876. So which of these periods will be coming on to FMP? I did not find much info on the NLM but it did add just that bit extra to his army career.


    I paid £25 for one page of my father's naval career in the Second W War although I knew most of it, I did gain some small bit of new information and so was worth every penny of the £25 I spent. You have to ask yourself is it worth spending £10 to get just one more snippet of information? Only you can answer that one.

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    i order what might be my great uncle and my grandfathers
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    You can order them from The National Archives or go and look at the originals if you can get to Kew. As with all records, you never know how useful the information will be till you've parted with your cash!
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    Can anyone suggest where to look at the National Archives for the 11th British Militia (Forfar & Kincardine) 1812.

    I've been up to Scotland and found nothing except the Annual Inspection reports.

    I was going to make a trip to Kew to see what I could find but if I can access the info online that would be great.

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