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Thread: Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Standard (Voice recog software) - anyone tried it?

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    Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Standard (Voice recog software) - anyone tried it?

    As my hands are telling me I am doing too much typing, I am seriously thinking of getting this software installed. I have Windows XP and not going to upgrade to Vista. I use googlemail rather than my Outlook Express.

    Would I be able to type on FTF? Most important question of all...

    I used a friend's many years ago and trained it up to my voice but he has lost the software.

    Anyone had any experience of this? Amazon looks like a good place to buy??

    No rush - off now to do those chores...procrastination is the thief of time!
    Many thanks. Liz

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    Member Vicky the Viking's Avatar
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    I've got V7 - had it about 5 years now. Don't use it regularly so can't comment on whether its any good at navigating forums!

    Once you've trained it, and as long as you have a reasonably good microphone, it does seem to be very good - I use it for long passages of text, long letters etc. I'm quite slow at typing. From what I've heard, it does seem to be better than some of the others around.

    When I first bought it, I was told that the claims assessors in a certain v large insurance company based in Norfolk used it.

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    Dragon NS is supposed to be brilliant - a lot of translators use it. You do need to have quite a bit of patience to train it to understand your voice to begin with, I believe.
    No idea how convenient it would be to use it with a forum like this.

    I borrowed a friend's copy to try out years ago, but it turned out to be an American version, and I couldn't fake the accent well enough to use it

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    Thanks Vicky and Mary. I know it is a drag training it up. I do have plenty of time.

    Someone is coming to give me a lesson on my puter this Fri and help me convert to Avast and chuck Norton etc. I will run it by him too. Liz


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