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Thread: baffled by this child

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    baffled by this child

    This youngster was placed with the same family as my home child so I have been researching her but her birth has me stumped:

    Margaret Usher born 1889-1891 according to Middlesbrough Union Records, placed in there with brother William b 1896 in 1900. Mother is named as Julia in the workhouse records. In Union home register next of kin is C Hetherington, 28 Olive St, Middlesbrough. Different records seem to give a different birth year. Her marriage record pushes her b/y to 1892.

    She was transferred to Nazareth House, Middlesbrough in January 1901.

    I have found evidence of the other siblings who were in service and other institutions in 1901.

    I can find no birth registration for her and she does not appear with the family in 1891 so she is a bit of a mystery. At first I thought a child in the house named as Julia was her but then I came across a probable death for young Julia in late 1891.

    Parents named on Toronto marriage record as Julia Heatherington and John Usher which fitted as I found a marriage for a John Hushen/Usher and Julia Hetherington in Sheffield in 1880. The family appear in 1891 as Husher and living in Middlesbrough.

    She married Lewis Williams in Toronto in 1920.

    She does not appear with the family in 1891 and there is no birth record that I can find that fits. As I am not a descendant I cannot ask Nazareth House for the info in their records.

    Most of the above info on her background was found in the records for the Middlesbrough Union while seeking info on my own home child.

    If anyone comes across a probable birth anywhere between 1889-1892 in the Middlesbrough region or has other suggestions I would love to hear them. She is in Nazareth House in 1901.

    I am stumped


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    Just to check I've got this right.....

    She was born before the 1891 census (most likely), but isn't on it and isn't with her known parents. Also there's no birth reg for her.

    At what date is C Hetherington named as her next of kin?

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    In Aug 1900, I believe her mother died in sept qtr 1900 and C hetherington was her aunt by marriage, I found a hetherington family in 1901 at the olive street address and the wife was a Catherine Hetherington.

    Some of the event dates I gained from the workhouse records do not look right so I will have to doublecheck her entry dates into the home when I go to the archives in June.

    That is the gist of it yes, she just seems to not exist before 1901.


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    If this was fiction I would say someone has used the Q3 1888 birth cert for Margaret H Usher (who died in Q4 1888) to get a child admitted to the institution in 1901. But why?? As I say, just the sort of thing you might find in a book, not real life. I wonder who the parents of that Margaret were??

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    I am beginning to wonder if John and Julia took her in when she was very young so her birth surname is different, and she believed they were her parents.

    If that is the case I will not find her as she could be registered under any name in 1891 and the birth records.

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    Are Middlesborough Reg office helpful about family history queries?

    If they are, I would be asking them about Margaret's 1888 birth reg.

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    I had noticed a couple of Margarets born in Hartlepool and Morpeth.
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    Jacob Sudders born in Prussia c.1775 married Alice Pidgeon in 1800 in Gorelston. Do you know where Jacob was born?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pippa Doll View Post
    I had noticed a couple of Margarets born in Hartlepool and Morpeth.
    Pippa, Please stop spoiling my book plot

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    I have just sent a message to Hartlepool Register Office and Guisborough Register Office via the Middlesbrough Indexes site to confirm parentage of two Margarets registered in 1888 so I can discount them.


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    Have you found her on the 1901 census, and if so, what does it say for her age?

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