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Thread: Opening a Word document in Works 9

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    Opening a Word document in Works 9

    Ive just been sent an email attachment (for a charity quiz actually) and its obviously in word because I cant blankety blank open it. After a lot of fussing around I realised I could right click on it and click on print target - and I got all the text but none of the pictures (and seeing as the questions relate to the pictures - lol)

    On my old XP puter I found a converter to change Word to Works in a free download but this puter is Works 9 and on VISTA - does anyone know what freebie download will do the job please?

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    Hi Heather anything in Works 9 Help?
    James Green

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    From what I can see James, nothing - Works 9 does not seem to have the facility to convert Word to Works - brilliant, eh? This is the answer I got on the MS Site: which I dont really understand. They seem to be saying download another type of works program in order to convert the Word document - what a performance


    • The file that you are trying to open is damaged.
    • Works 9 does not have the required text converter to open the file.
    • The file was created and saved in Microsoft Works 4.x.

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    To work around this issue, open the file in a version of Microsoft Works or Microsoft Word that includes the text converter. Then, save the file in a format that is compatible with Works 9. The text converter is included with the following Microsoft programs:• Microsoft Works 6.0
    • Microsoft Works 7.0
    • Microsoft Works 8.0
    • Microsoft Works Suite 2004
    • Microsoft Works Suite 2005
    • Microsoft Works Suite 2006
    • Microsoft Word 2000
    • Microsoft Word 2002
    • Microsoft Office Word 2003

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    Have you tried the Word Viewer from Microsoft?

    Download details: Word Viewer 2003


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    If someone on here has both applications then you could email it to them, they could copy&paste and email it back to you. Not ideal, I know - but it would work.
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    Hi guys, Wendy, I think thats the one used with my old puter and I looked at and it said not compatible with Works 9 and all the performance above that you have to do to get round it. Ill have another look just in case its different - many thanks.

    Nope, sadly that is the one I looked at before - it only converts up to Works 7 and not VISTA. How daft is MS not sorting this before putting out newer versions of works.
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    Heather the Word Viewer opens the Word Document so you can read it. It doesn't convert it.


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    Hi Wendy, sorry been fiddling. I did go to download the Viewer after I read you last note but it said I already had it on here ( I guess I must have brought it over from my other puter - or I did it when I was fiddling earlier) so I dont think that was the answer. But I went to the attachment again and instead of right clicking on it and trying to save, I left clicked. On the left click is says save, I clicked on that and then it says save as .doc but there is a drop down which also gives you an option to save as "all files" so I did that. And amazingly its just appeared with pics and all.

    Many thanks for your help.

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    Well done Heather you got there in the end.
    James Green

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    Hi Heather,
    Reading the posts I see that you have cracked the problem, but a much easier solution would have been to download OpenOffice.
    Open Office allows you to open any Microsoft Office document be it in Word, Excel, Access, Publisher etc, etc and it is totally free.
    Go to www: - The Free and Open Productivity Suite and download the program and then make it your default program for opening Word etc and you will have no more problems opening your attachments etc.
    I've used it myself and I know others who have used it and all are very pleased with it.
    Try it and see.


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