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Thread: Woolwich Arsenal Employees Records

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    Woolwich Arsenal Employees Records

    Does anyone know where I might find an Employees Personnel Record for the Woolwich Arsenal during period 1900ish-1943.

    I looked on the Greenwich Council Website and found the link to their Heritage Center which said they were held at the Public Record Office.

    If (big if) I have searched NA correctly it mentions 2 x docs "Woolwich Arsenal Employees to the Prime Minister 1918 and 1919" which are held in the Parliamentary Archives (House of Commons - weeks notice required!). Not sure what these will contain (sounds like just a list of names to me).

    I joined a War Forum to post the above question and they seem to be having problems with their site and so still haven't given me permission to post! I originally planned my first visit to Kew for this Thursday so I could search for the employees record that I was led to believe would be held there! Sorry bit of a rant, getting frustrated as this record (if it still exists) is so important to confirm which one of two men were my Great Grandfather as it should contain his DOB!

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    My Father worked in the Woolwich Arsenal before and during the war, he was on guns. Ann

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    If you do search on the National Archive site using just Woolwich Arsenal and qualify your date 1900- 1940 you get about 4 pages. I found this -

    Ministry of Labour and Predecessors: Correspondence LAB 2/865/HQ12072/40/1919
    Headquarters Department: Concerning the application of the Whitley Report to Government Industrial Establishments with specific reference to Woolwich Arsenal . Headquarters Department files; Industrial Relations Department files; Employment Department
    Date: 1919

    There are other files available that I didn't look at too closely! Most seem to be at Kew.

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    I have spoken to the Heritage Centre at Woolwich Arsenal who state that Personal Records for Employees are held in Wales!! As soon as I am in receipt of the address in Wales then I will post it on here just in case anyone else wishes to trace their relatives.

    Thanks for replies.

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    Woolwich Arsenal Employees Records

    I too would like to find out more about this. My mother, aunt, father and grandfather worked there in the war and in the years leading up.

    I believe that my gf was in charge of engineering workshops, my father was a scientist and mother a typist.


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    Woolwich Arsenal Employees Records

    I wonder how far the records go back? My g.g.grandfather was a Royal Marine and after he left the service he worked at Woolwich Arsenal - on the 1901 Census he is shown as working there. I understand that quite a few ex-service personel were employed there.


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    There were around 80,000 employees! The employees record is supposed to be kept for 100 years from their date of birth and then destroyed. However, this may not always be the case as I understand that there was quite a bit of fuss made over these records firstly in that they should be preserved and secondly that they should be held at the Woolwich Arsenal and not in Wales!

    Anyhow, as I have already mentioned I shall post the Wales address on here as soon as I am in receipt of it, hopefully by tomorrow evening and lets hope the records we are after have not been destroyed

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    This is the contact details for Woolwich Arsenal Employee Records

    Carole Jones,
    General Manager,
    Support Services,
    DSDC Llangennech,
    Mwrwg Road,
    Llangennech Llanelli,
    SA14 8YP

    Tel: 01554 822497

    If any of you search these records then it would be helpful if you back the cause and have a whinge about records being held in Wales rather than at the Arsenal and also stress the importance of not destroying after the 100 year rule. Good Luck!!
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    thanks for posting this - my grandfather and his sister-in-law both worked at the Woolwich Arsenal around WW2. So I've written in the hope of hearing something.

    Thanks again!
    Kind regards,
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