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Thread: Dont have "history" on my puter

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    Dont have "history" on my puter

    My beautiful new puter is working a treat now with sound! But OH came in to ask me about something Id looked up for him yesterday and when I clicked on "history" there is only todays pages visited. On my old puter it would have today, yesterday etc. Any ideas what I have to do please to get that back?

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    Generally in internet options you can change the length of time the history is kept for... not tried on my new dell yet so can't say whether it's still there!

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    On mine (Internet Explorer) I click Tools and then Internet Options and then History Settings

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    Ive got Firefox on but its much the same as yours Merry and it says keep history for 9 days but when I click on history only todays stuff is showing with no further option.

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    Heather on my vista if I just click on the pull down point at the end of weh addy address
    part list comes down from that of ites I have been on same with the part on my google bar ;;
    Also if I go into my favorites theres history in there to click onto

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    Nope, cant find it. In the address bar thing I have all the sites Ive actually entered an address for but nothing else. In my Bookmarks - just those Ive added and in History just todays stuff.

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    Hi Heather,
    Go from History to last option in menu "Show in Sidebar" (ctrl + H)

    Hope that helps
    Mary M

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    Woo hoo Mary, many thanks, thats sorted it


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