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Thread: Wills and inventories - Scotland

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    I just can't resist gloating - I've just downloaded a 4 page "testament dative and inventory" for a William Wright of Liberton in the hope that it would help me figure out whether he was the father of Catharine Wright who married David Ferrier, and the first page lists all his surviving daughters and the names and occupations of all their husbands! Including David Ferrier husband of Catharine. So, it can certainly be worth paying for the inventory.

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    Brilliant Kate! I bet you were over the moon when you opened that image!

    I haven't had a chance to think any more about the Boswell one. A new contact, via Ancestry, on a maternal Scottish line is cracking on at such a rate that I can barely keep up with his daily updates! He also, lucky so and so, seems to have an unlimited budget and is downloading loads of SP BMD images which are filling gaps for me in my sibling lists.

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    I don't know about unlimited budget, JG, there is something compulsive about downloading on SP.

    I think "no more" and then I find just one more I need, which means I have to put more credits on and well, it would be a shame to waste them, wouldn't it.

    The GRO and the government should really get their fingers out and do the same with English certs - their revenue would treble overnight!


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    OC - I literally dare not total my SP expenditure! And isn't it amazing how often one has exactly 4 credits left just when one discovers a vital cert?
    Of course, it's impossible to ignore the leftover 29 fat, juicy credits - they almost beg to be used - and I've lost count of the number of evenings I have gone off to bed cursing my extravagance!

    But this contact is downloading some very, very distant BMDs - the kind I would normally settle for narrowing down with a bit of patience on the free searches just to give me a year. I only wish I had the nerve to ask him for copies of the images rather than just the transcript of the bits he considers relevant!

    Of course, the fact that the IGI coverage of Scotland is so good only adds to the temptation to overspend.

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    LOL, yes, those last four does that happen???

    Shame your contact won't send you the images, I've just sent a load off to a contact who doesn't have any at all, not quite sure why? (She is in OZ).

    I have also bought for siblings to check a query on the mother's maiden name etc.

    It is a very crafty marketing ploy when you think about it - £6 is next to nothing in genealogical spend and doesn't engender guilt feelings when you are whacking on another £6 (having forgotton the other five lots of £6 you've put on this week, pmsl)


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    It's a shame they don't cut the price on larger credit buy's, say 90 credits for £15.00 instead of £18.00.
    So compulsive though, I always end up kicking myself and thinking it would have been cheaper to go to Edinburgh for the day!

    Second thought's maybe not, I always pop ouy for a sandwich and overspend on princess street.

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    I understand you can purchase SP credits at a discount if you are a member of the SGS.....not sure if this was a limited time offer but I read about it on another forum a month or so ago........hope this isn't breaking any FTF rules by posting the link!!

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    Keptin - A discount for larger credit purchases would be a good idea. Edinburgh return would be at least £120 for me, plus another £16 for the ferry and then b&b on top so I don't think I'll be able to do that any time in the near future unfortunately.

    Jean - thanks for that link. I'll look into whether it is a long-term offer because it wouldn't take long for the savings to cover the SGS membership fee.

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    Just a thought, I'm sure I'm right. If you were to go to Edinburgh it would be the Archives (free to visit) not New Register House for the wills.

    Have you tried phoning the Archives and asking if wife is mentioned on the documents. I've always found them very helpful they have even phoned me back, and I live a short train journey from Edinburgh.


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    Thanks Jan - I had just assumed New Register House.

    (btw - I've just tried your suggestion of using Daphne's tip re middle name on FreeBMD on Ancestry. It's brought up some really good results - especially for my Scots. Thank you.)

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