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Thread: People who are allowed to marry each other?

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    People who are allowed to marry each other?

    I know that there is a correct name for this list of who by law is allowed or not allowed to marry........

    *hangs head in shame as mother tuts in head about lack of knowledge despite upbringing*

    However, although I know that 1st cousins are allowed to marry - I have a connundrum (sp). I have three brothers who married three sisters. Would their offspring have been allowed to marry each other as they would've been 1st cousins? I think I might have found a marriage but it doesn't 'feel' right.

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    Yup, first cousins could marry fiorst cousins even unto the umpteenth generation and very often did, certainly in my family.

    The smaller the village the more often it happened.


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    I have an instance of two double cousins marrying. They had 3 children who all died in early adulthood without having any offspring themselves.
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    I too have an instance of double cousins marrying. Also have a few first cousins marrying.

    As OC said the smaller the village the more often it happened.

    The double cousins who married were successful in producing their own offspring who in turn went on and produced their own and so on and so forth.

    I am in contact with one of the 2xGreat grandchildren of the couple.

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    Actually they are not in my direct line but the sister and 1st cousin of my own 3xGreat Grandfather.
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