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Thread: Non Conformist advice please

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    Thank you for that info.

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    Because Lancashire has always been a bastion of nonconformity, there is usually little problem in tracking down the noncon records - indeed most of them are transcribed to the IGI (if they have survived) and the LDS has hundreds more noncon registers which haven't been transcribed.

    As Phoenix says, noncon often had their own burial grounds which have not survived. But if the records have survived then there will be details of deaths and burials in the registers.


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    Wow thanks to all you intelligent people (and Merry lol) I am off to check out those sites now, will let you know if I find something.


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    My g g grandfather was burried in the non conformist part of the cemetary in the early 1890s.
    Like you I couldn't find him in the parish records, however my local record office has the cemetary records and this is where I found him. If you are lucky in finding them, they often give more information than the PR.
    If you cant visit, maybe you could give the relevant office a call.

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