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Thread: Where would children be before being sent to Canada

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    thanks Julie I did read that its where I found out which ships they went on , but I am confused as to where they would be between the mother dying in 1893 and 1900 when they went to Canada
    I am going to write to Barnados at Ilford .
    Must go now Tom is calling !!!!!!


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    Not just Canada either, but Australia, South Africa, Rhodesia etc and the practise was still going on in the late 1970s - my local authority (Cornwall) sent its last shipment of children to Australia in 1976.

    The Director of Social Services in Cornwall has since made a public apology to all those children (and their parents) who were affected by this Child Migrant Scheme.

    The whole thing is a very black page in our national history and the various local authorities who enthusiastically supported this scheme did so for one reason only - saving money.


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    As they were girls there is a high probability they were residing at the Barnardos Girls Village in Illford or were boarded out by Barnardos prior to going.

    Boys resided at the Stepney Home in London before they set off.

    Union children did go under Barnardos. There is a new database on the Canada Archives site which states what Union children came from and your Muller children are not listed in that one so it is safe to say they were either at the Village or in 'Foster' care before going.

    Their records will tell you the full story.


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    Looking at the Barnardos Village in 1901, there is an Ellen Muller aged 14 residing there, born London.

    Could she be another sibling or possibly a cousin of your Muller children who was not sent? might be just a co-incidence though.


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    thanks for those replies I dont know about Ellen Muller but she could be a child I have not found yet shall look into it thanks


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