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Thread: Gut instinct?

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    Dear Elizabeth, sorry but we forgot to ask if you could kindly pass the names/email addresses of the people in Scotland who are also searching Scotland:Richardson (Banffshire), Wishart (Kincardineshire), Johnston (Kincardineshire). Kind regards Jim Catto

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    Hi Jim

    As this is such an old thread, I doubt if Elizabeth will see this message.

    Click on her name at the left hand side of the page and send her a private message.

    (Welcome to FTF, by the way!)


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    I thought this was an old thread.......took a while for me to look at the

    Welcome to FTF Jim. A huge lot of my family came from Banffshire and Aberdeenshire in the parish of Cabrach. They came to Australia in the late 1830s.

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    I've just seen this, Jim and OC!

    Jim, I'll send you a PM so look out for it! I'll give you my e-mail address and we can exchange information that way. It's great to hear from another Catto descendant.
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    England:Purkis, Stilwell, Quintrell, White (Surrey - Guildford), Jeffcoat, Bond, Alexander, Lamb, Newton (Lincolnshire, Stalybridge, London)
    Scotland:Richardson (Banffshire), Wishart (Kincardineshire), Johnston (Kincardineshire)

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