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Thread: Gut instinct?

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    Gut instinct?

    Or merely wind, lol.

    I am stuck hard with this open ended family.

    My 3 x GGPs, William McKenzie and Agnes Garioch (pronounced Gerrie and spelled any way you like) allege that they were married "in 1846, Dundee". This is from the birth cert of their son in 1855.

    I cannot find any such marriage and suspect they were lying anyway, as in 1851, Agnes appears as William's housekeeper, not wife.

    But I keep going back to this marriage I found on the IGI - extracted.

    Agnes McKenzie to George Greig, 28 Nov 1845, Dundee.

    I am wondering if the surnames were transposed and HE was the McKenzie and she was the Greig (which comes up as an alternative for Gerrie on Ancestry). Don't know how to explain the George bit unless he was William's brother?

    I am hampered by the wildly mistranscribed ages of this couple. I have Agnes' death cert, which has given me her parents, but William is proving impossible to trace with such a common name, unless I can get a handle on his parents.

    I can't see which way to go next.


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    There is a George Greig/Agnes combination in Dundee in 1851 and, looking at the 1861 and the IGI, Agnes seems to be Agnes McKenzie. So that may be your 1845 marriage couple.

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    Ah, thanks Gillian - so it was just wind after all, lol!

    I could scream really, because in 1851, and 61,this couple have a boarder, the orphan John Cattanach, born 1845.

    Cattanach is a name which crops up later, when William and Agnes' grandaughter marries a man whose grandmother is a Cattanach.

    There is no obvious connection between the two sets of grandparents, but this is such an unusual surname that I feel there must be!


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    It's swings and roundabouts with Scottish lines isn't it? The detailed certs, if and when you find them, are real goldmines, but the 1855 start date is frequently screamingly frustrating!

    Have you no siblings for William? Or is the naming pattern of his children not helpful? Mind, with a name like Mckenzie, there are probably not many forenames which would be helpful.

    Is there a Dundee FHS with marriage records?

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    trust it to be flipping Dundee!!!! lolol I keep telling you's all that I dinny do Dundee!! pmsl
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    I's here!! where are you?
    OC..I've half arranged with my pal to take the kids after school one day next week to let me go back into Reg House again now that i'm on a roll with it lolol

    if you dont have any luck with them do you want me to have a wee looky see for you and see if I can find anything for them ?
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    Thankyou for the very kind offer, but honestly, I wouldn't know where to tell you to look! They never, as far as I can tell, do anything in Dundee - all born Aberdeen. Except this mythical marriage. Naming patterns don't help as I have nothing to compare with.

    William's age is 28 in 1851, 55 in 1861(!) and 46 in in 1871! Agnes died in 1876 and I lose William after that - don't know if he died or remarried and far too many to guess at.

    The only reason I know it's the same family is because they are at the same address and William's occupation is the same throughout! The children's ages wobble about too. But ah! I have defined the birth of one of them!

    Off to download another cert, see what this says about a marriage.


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    OC!!! You broke it didn't you?

    Just went to buy some credits and now the site is "unavailable".

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    Sorry Gillian! It was an accident, honest!

    No it wasn't, it was already broken when I got there.


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