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Thread: Parental Consent to a Marriage

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    For a wedding in a Registrar's Office, written consent should have been presented when the marriage was arranged.

    However, I doubt if the Registrar went to any pains to ensure that the written permission was signed by who was supposed to have signed it - there are big notices up in the Registration Office about giving false nformation.

    My mother married at 16, with her mother's permission (her father objected). My Granny "didn't like paperwork" so my mother filled it all in and when it came to a signature, Granny said "Oh, you sign it for me" which my mother did!


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    Thank you all very much for your replies.

    Taking bits from them all gives me very useful information.

    I am not certain that one of the parents did not attend the wedding but family circumstances suggest that they did not and there are no photos.

    Many thanks again.


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