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Thread: Arthur A Honey's death I can't find it

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    Red face Arthur A Honey's death I can't find it

    Hello, Arthur Albert Honey age 27 and May Bailey age 27, Married in Aug 1915 in Battersea according to their marriage certificate ---they that twins in Dec 1919 and the boy died Jan: 1920 and that is all I know. On the certificate his profession is Soldier 29 th (?) R or A then what looks more like a Greek E ---in my notes it says Brentford Barracks Hounslow, how or there I got that I have no idea
    So can you please help me find Arthur's death ????
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    It won't be easy - you'll just have to trawl through the registers quarter by quarter! Could take a while!
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    you say you cant find it - where have you looked?
    Only the full index would have it listed, not free bmd

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    Jess I looked on Ancestry,and I G I also looked for George G Honey (another in that family )from 1910 until ??? for ever with on luck
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    Sheila............have you looked through the complete list on Ancestry, or just the partial list?

    If he's not on the complete list, I don't think you'll find it. I think you need that to get a cert.

    Do you know if he left the services at all? Maybe a military researcher could help.
    I had to get one. He was great and a lot cheaper than wrong certs.

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    if you looked on Ancestry, opening each page, each year, quarter by quarter, its almost pointless somone else doing it as well - no more likely to find it , than you were.

    did you find any at all for elimination purposes?
    Were they Arthur A or just Arthur?

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    Sheila, did you ever get the children's birth certificates to find out whether Arthur was named as their father or not?

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    Twins birth reg- DEC Q 1919

    Arthur W.G. MMN BAILEY wandsworth 1d 1053
    name not posted incase she is living but exactly same details

    is this what you were after?? or the fathers details??


    Arthur W. G. Honey death Jan Q 1920 Wandsworth 1d 570
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    Hi Kite runner No I had to get May's and Arthur Honey's marriage certificate first to prove that he was the right man for my May and he was. It took over 14 day for the post to get from the GRO to " down under ". I know that her twin died almost at birth. I then tryed to find May WG Honey's marrage to see if that helped , but no luck
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    Julie -- Sorry I should have said that we think that whey are dead, but it is best to be on the safe side
    Jess -- He was Arthur Albert Honey on this marrage lines age 27
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