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Thread: WIKI trouble again want to oder a IOW cert

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    Question WIKI trouble again want to oder a IOW cert

    I dont know why I have trouble with it but how do I find the Isle of Wight record office number thanks

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    have you found the isle of wight page ?

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    ok, then put these 3 words in the white search box.....

    Isle of wight

    have just checked - the address for the RO is on that page

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    thanks Jess I seem to get a mental block when I go on the WIKI

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    have you got it yet?

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    yes thanks Jess but there isnt phone humber for the records office would that be because you cannot order direct from them ????

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    I have no idea - sorry - I guess not

    Let me have a look around for you , see what i can find

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    If you use the BMD search on the IoW site, it throws up a link to an application form (with the Local ref - which you'd need, because the GRO ref is irrelevant to them) to be printed off and sent with a cheque.

    but it does include this info:

    Please send your application to: Isle of Wight Register Office, Northwood House, Ward Avenue, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 8AZ, UK.
    Tel. 01983 821000. Email:

    Researching: BENNETT (Leics/Birmingham-ish) - incl. Leonard BENNETT in Detroit & Florida ; WARR/WOR, STRATFORD & GARDNER/GARNAR (Oxon); CHRISTMAS, RUSSELL, PAFOOT/PAFFORD (Hants); BIGWOOD, HAYLER/HAILOR (Sussex); LANCASTER (Beds, Berks, Wilts) - plus - COCKS (Spitalfields, Liverpool, Plymouth); RUSE/ROWSE, TREMEER, WADLIN(G)/WADLETON (Devonport, E Cornwall); GOULD (S Devon); CHAPMAN, HALL/HOLE, HORN (N Devon); BARRON, SCANTLEBURY (Mevagissey)...

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    One of the links i just looked at was a £25 a cert link - dont use that one FGS


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