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Thread: Scotland BMD Question

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    Scotland BMD Question

    Is there anywhere on-line where you can search BMD's for Scotland that go up to 1930 at least.



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    Scotlands People only has births to 1906, marriages to 1931 and deaths to 1956 on line. Anything outwith that I think would have to be looked up at GROS.

    I am open to correction from any of the other Scots!

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    If you can get up to Edinburgh and search the GRO yourself (£17 a day and its sometimes necessary to book a place).

    Had an amazing day there recently - went in at 9am and left when thrown out at 4.30 - no lunch - no loo!!! and still have to go back!!!

    It's also very much like going on scotlandspeople but you put in a name and year and its quite easy to go forward or backwards

    You cannot print off an image if its more recent than on scotlandspeople - you have to either order the certificate or write out your own transcription - (see newly downloaded forms Elaine did) or buy their colour coded ones at the GRO at 10p a sheet.

    If you cannot get up to Scotland or no-one can do a lookup for you - you can ask them to do a search a year either side of a date - think it cost me £3some years ago plus the cost of the certificate. If you get a recent birth certificate it should have the date and place of the parents marriage on it, and death certificates should have parents names on including mothers maiden name (if known).

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    Thank you for your replies. That's what I figured to be honest. The trouble I have is I don't have enough information to go to Edinburgh with and make it productive. There are huge gaps in my information.



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