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Thread: Internet Explorer 7

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    Internet Explorer 7

    I am still on IE 6. I didn't download 7 a while back as so many people were having problems. Have these problems been ironed out now and is it safe to go ahead and download it.
    Advice welcome please.

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    I have been having no problems at all with it, running along side xp.

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    I've been using it for some time now with no problems. It just takes a little bit of getting used to but its got definite advantages over IE6.


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    I have no problems with it either (delayed downloading it until a couple of months ago) and I run it alongside XP too.

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    Thanks for replies, might take the risk. Where would I need to download it from and does it take long?
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    You can download it here at the microsoft website:

    or just google it and loads of different sites will come up with it on.

    Sorry, can't remember how long it took - but not THAT long.

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    Thanks, will study it better tomorrow.

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    you can always uninstall it if you dont like it and it leaves you back with IE 6


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    Well, I just downloaded it, seems ok so far. Is it me or doed the text on here seem bolder.

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    hi yes it does make your writing look bolder quite nice isnt it ???



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