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Thread: I can't read what it says ..

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    I can't read what it says ..

    on this WW1 record about being discharged - can someone help please?


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    Having claimed it on payment of £?? within three months after his attestation (para 92 (v) Kings regulations).

    Not sure if that is the section you mean but let me know if not. Al the best.
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    "Discharged having claimed it on payment of £10 within threemonths after his attestation (para 392 (v) King’s Regulations)"

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    Thanks both - any idea what that actually means - he paid £10 to be discharged?


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    Yes, I am sure I have seen that somewhere before. Under certain conditions you could buy yourself out. If you were conscripted, I think you could also pay for someone else to go in your place. The latter was certainly an option in the times of militia call ups but you would need to check if it still applied in the era of WW1.

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    Thanks Galloway Lass

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    £10 was a lot of money in those days! Not many people would have been able to easily afford it ............... it would be over £1,000 in today's money.
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    Wow, that's a lot of money considering he was a carman at the time?!


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