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Thread: How long to travel

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    How long to travel

    I am still trying to find when Adam Mueller.Muller came here, have found a record which could be him.

    He is not on the 1871 census, but this record says

    21 Jun 1870 Departure Place Hamburg, Deutschland Arrival Place Hull (New York via Liverpool)

    would he have arrived in England in time for the 1871 census ??

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    Could he have been working on the vessels for a while before he stayed? That would have been plenty of time for his arrival to make the census.
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    You could get from Hamburg to Hull in a couple of days at the most. If he went via New York and Liverpool he might have been at sea for months depending on where else the voyage went. Liverpool to Hull would have been by rail by 1870 so just hours. Can you find his arrival in Liverpool? Not sure if seamen (which he maybe was working as?) are included in the Ancestry arrival lists.
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    thanks both will try again to find his landing

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    On arrival at Hull docks, immigrants from the continent were taken to a special railway station in Hull, from where they went to Leeds, onto Manchester and finally to Liverpool for sailings to New York. Whilst most initially intended to cross to the USA, many stopped off in Leeds or Manchester, where they already had a family or friendship connection, and intended to make a short break in their travels. Some of these emigrants, especially Jewish people, settled permanently in Leeds or Manchester and never went on to America.
    Mueller is a surname ripe for mis-recording (including Miller) and so you may have to cast your net for 1871 very wide indeed.
    Am I right in thinking your family ended up in London, or did Adam eventually go to America?

    Janet in Yorkshire

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    thanks Janet he stayed and died here in 1892
    As in 1881 I can only find two Adam Mullers/Millers/Muellers etc born Germany abt 1852, and one is him living in Wandsworth, the other a Professor living in Hendon, and neither in 1871 , was hoping this one was him?


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