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    Fold 3


    Is fold 3 worht paying for - I have one record i would like to look at?

    Thank you

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    If you have FMP it might be worth looking there first. I have found lots of records there that have had exactly the same info on them as Fold 3. But I wouldn't have known that though had not some kind soul on here looked up the Fold 3 record for me. Might be worth asking if a member here has fold 3 and would be willing to look it up for you. They often have free weekends - thanksgiving, easter etc maybe wait for those if it's just one record.
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    If anyone has Fold 3 would they kindly look up a death / pension record for a Frederick J (John) North b. 1897 d. 1915 Egypt.

    Thank you.

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    This is the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Debt Of Honour on FMP -


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