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Thread: Surname conundrum ...

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    Surname conundrum ...

    ... so one of my niece's has her birth certificate on which she has her father's name however the entry on the birth registration (Ancestry/FMP) has her down as her mother's surname?! She hasn't actually realised this - just me and one of her sister's have literally just discovered it and we can't think why these 2 entries would be different - anyone have any idea's??


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    Are you sure the index doesn't give both surnames? Click on the volume and page number to check.


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    Yeah just checked and she's registered under both names - why would this be??

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    Parents not married to each other. This means the child can use either surname and the double entry in the indexes is just a cross referencing aid. I think these day the registrar asks which surname the child will be using. It is only relatively recently that certificates have a column for the child's surname - mine doesn't.


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    Ah ok! So if she wanted to use her 'other name' she could but would just need to have a copy of the other birth certificate? Thanks

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    No, there is only one birth certificate. You will see that the reference number is the same for both entries. An index is just a finding aid, so both surnames are indexed to make it easier to find the entry.

    Legally in the UK you can use any surname you want to, providing you do not impersonate or feloniously deceive. These days though, you would need a paper trail from birth to assumed name.



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