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Thread: Marriage certificates

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    Marriage certificates

    Would someone lie about we’re they came from and there father and his occupation in 1850

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    yes yes yes , have found that a lot, especially with bigamists, plus they may not have known where they were born .


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    Yes lies do happen and also errors on the certificate but if everything is incorrect you do also need to think about wether it is the right marriage.
    Edit to say ... there isn't a place on an English marriage certificate for 'where you came from' only what your current address is.
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    Yes! Just about every marriage cert in my family contsins at least an exaggeration and some have downright lies. Others I suspect the Vicar wasn't concentrating when he wrote down information.


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    Yes !
    I've seen Ag. Labs become farmers, invented fathers, additional forenames to make one seem grander and a vicar copying the bride's name and stating her father was Janet instead of James.

    Conversely, I had one certificate where the bride stated father unknown, after she had been living with him and his family in a census.

    Any thing is possible.

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    Also the crucial father's name: left blank lol frustrating

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    Thanks all still cant find him??

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    Would an iron moulder go to be a watch repairer

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    Not a usual change one would have thought.
    Working with iron would have been tough and manual, whereas a watch repairer would be involved in delicate, intricate work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylejustin View Post
    Also the crucial father's name: left blank lol frustrating
    I have just come across that for the bride and groom. I must still be a bit naive after all this time in searching. lol


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