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Thread: Army records from around 1777-1800's?

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    Army records from around 1777-1800's?

    Does anyone know if there are searchable Army records for these dates?
    A 1841 census has one of my 4 x great Grandad as an army pensioner!
    Thanks all

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    Both Ancestry and FMP have some records.
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    These dates co-incide with the Militia that all able bodied men had to join between the ages of 18 and 40 and every county had its Militia Lists though not all have survibed. Many of these Militia men went into the army so it may be worth you trying to locate Militia Lists as well as trying army lists. My OH has tracked a Militia man in the army at this time from Dorset to Cornwall to Hampshire through the Militia..

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    Have you looked at the National Archives. With some help from a distant cousin we were able to find my 3 x G Grandad who was a driver at Waterloo. He enlisted in 1813.

    Luckily at the time I had a friend who was a member of Derby Family History Society and they were organising a trip to Kew and I managed to get a seat on the bus.

    If its any help when you look it up mine was a WO/97 number. No sure but that will probably mean army or military records.

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    Now the WO97 records are online, they won't let you view the originals at Kew. However, their Catalogue is indexed for those who were discharged to pension up to 1854, so worth looking there first, just search their Catalogue by name, using WO97 as the reference to search. Details given there might help in a FMP search. I know, also, from experience, that some who appear in the National Archives catalogue are missing from FMP
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