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Thread: Holbeck Cemetary database

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    Holbeck Cemetary database

    Leeds, I’m sure I have accessed a database of inscriptions, but memory’s gone!
    Anyone know who holds these?

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    I thought Yorkshire Indexers had them but checking their coverage it seems they only have the burials. These often give you a lot of info though, including who else is in the same plot.

    If you remember where you found it, do let us know.

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    On Yorkshire Indexers there are images of 548 memorials in the Consecrated Section and 537 images of memorials in the General Section. These images can be viewed in the Gallery Section of YI.

    If you want to check the burial records you will have to join YI to enter the Subscription Database where the burial records are listed. The burial records give a lot of information as teasie has said. Membership of YI is not expensive.


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