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Thread: Help with handwriting please

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    Help with handwriting please

    I've just found this new pension record on Ancestry--Fold3
    I think I know but I'd love peoples' opinions on what the writing in red says .



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    Dependent Mrs M Spooner

    Illegitimate child.


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    Thanks OC that's what I thought and it's thrown me completely.
    This is my Grandfather. Some years ago I discovered that banns of marriage had been called between him and a lady called Spooner 3 times in 1914 but I couldn't find any evidence of a marriage. He married my Grandmother in 1916.
    I found what I believed to be her on the 1911 census and she was working as a servant close to where he was.
    I'm being a bit vague here because I suppose there's a slim chance that the child could still be alive.
    The lady that I think is Miss Spooner was born in 1888.
    I looked on the G R O index and nothing jumped out at me, and at the moment I can't think where else to look.


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    I probably being a bit stupid here but I am confused by the documentation why is there a widow and a dependent? When the dependent is married.

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    Join the club, I'm completely confused. I found what could be a tree for her on Ancestry and it looks as though she never married. Maybe she's just calling herself Mrs?


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    Yes, I would think "Mrs" was just a courtesy title.


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    Where were the banns called, please?


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    The banns were called in Hindringham Norfolk. I tried to put it on here but it didn't work. If you just google Hindringham Banns you should find it.

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    I thought it meant Mr Emery left a widow whose maiden name was Ellen Elizabeth Spooner and her mother Mrs M Spooner was dependent on her. I was struggling to figure out what the word before child was. All I could think of was “only” but Illgt. makes sense.

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    Sorry folks
    Ellen Elizabeth was his widow My Grandmother


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