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Thread: Look up on fold 3

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    Look up on fold 3

    These are on ancestry under UK Military records but no details only on fold 3 which I cant get.. This may be my great grandfather but am not sure. Is there anything to read that can help please.

    Richard Wynn Trial date 3rd December 1881 Aldershot
    Also deserted Army 1st January 1878 Woolwich

    I always said he could be a wrong un


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    Not such a wrong un

    Richard Wynn ASC 03/12/1881
    Disobeyed a command - Not guilty

    Richard Wynn SN 1180
    B Liverpool
    Trade Shoemaker
    Aged 27

    Height 5' 51/2" Dark Brown hair, grey eyes, dark face
    Wearing regimental coat and trousers
    Deserted O1/01/1878
    Remarks ?? Took part of reg. nee.


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    Thank you Vera. Maybe he was bad later on in civvy life. I do not know what reg.nee means but thank you at least I now know the charge

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    On second look its reg. nec. Still non the wiser.

    At least he didn't go AWOL with '£30 from the Officers' Mess'



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