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Thread: Burial for Susannah Beagley

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    Burial for Susannah Beagley


    Susannah died in Kennington, South London, on the 20th of October 1847. She was 47. I haven’t found a burial anywhere for her. The surname is often misrecorded. I’ve already searched FindMyPast and DeceasedOnline. Can anyone help find a burial?

    I’d appreciate any help!


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    By 1847 there was a very real shortage of burial places in the London area, leading to the formation of the London Necropolis Company in 1849 and the closure of many London burial places by 1851. So, there would have been a burial crisis at the time of Susannah's death and she could well have been buried out of her local area.
    Have you looked to see what burial places were available for Kennington residents at that time and checked all those for starters?
    Was she married, widowed? Could have been buried in the same place as another family member - have you found burial records for any of her relatives?

    Janet in Yorkshire

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    I did think it would be part of the transition from church burials to cemeteries! Her husband Samuel was buried at Victoria Park Cemetery in Hackney in 1864. I don’t know what became of her family (she hailed from Herefordshire), and her children ended up all over London. I’ve checked burials in the Lambeth area, but they appear to not be online, and only available for viewing or to request viewing for a fee.

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    Have you tried putting in her name and year of burial, with no place specified?????
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    Researching Cadd, Schofield, Cottrell in Lancashire, Buckinghamshire; Taylor, Park in Westmorland; Hayhurst in Yorkshire, Westmorland, Lancashire; Hughes, Roberts in Wales.

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    Yep, there’s nothing on FMP, nothing on FamilySearch or FreeREG. I don’t know where else to look.

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    Do you know where she was living at the time of her death (street name)? The closest I can find is a Susan Bagley aged 47 of Whitfield Street, buried at St Leonard, Shoreditch, but the burial date doesn't fit as its 29 Dec 1847
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    I’ve seen that one before too! It would’ve been two months after the death though. She was living at 11 Cavendish Terrace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamMcGregor View Post
    I’ve seen that one before too! It would’ve been two months after the death though. She was living at 11 Cavendish Terrace.
    Have you ordered the death certificate for this one? Just to rule out the possibility that there was a reason her body was kept so long before burial eg. tragic accident or suspicious death etc. The cheaper pdf version would suffice.

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    I’ve got the certificate for mine, but for the burial there’s no other death registration.

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    Is it possible the 'mystery' December burial record could be an error and should be October? In view of the apparent lack of death registration. Even so, 9 days was quite a long time in those days, if it should say 31 Oct.


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