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Thread: How far back to look?

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    How far back to look?


    My nan has quite a nice DNA match of 81cm, which seems to be a max of around 3rd cousin once removed (using DNA painter), or a minimum of half first cousin once removed. This other person was born in 1988, my nan was born in 1939 and from the only visible information I can see, his grandfather was born in 1922.

    Due to the already distant generation gap between him and my nan, what should I be looking for?

    Using another online tool, a first cousin once removed is a possibility of her being the grandchild and this other person being the 3x great grandchild, and third cousin once removed is 2x great grandchild for my nan and 3 x for this person which sounds a bit too close to me? My nans mum was born in 1910 and her mum was born in 1874

    I know its just a "tool" however my nan didn't know who her grandad was so I'm wondering if this could be the link

    In addition to this, this person does not match a known half first cousin once removed. My nans nan married and he is from this side, so not the illusive grandfather

    All other shared matches are below 20cm so negligible and none of the matches seem to have trees that are usable, and I have of course tried to contact him several times but with no luck

    Also, if anyone has access to worldwide records, there is another high match for my nan that was born in Canada (that again doesn't match anyone of my known links) that I would appreciate if someone can look at a baptism for me. This person is still alive so I wont post their details here, but if you could PM me I would be most grateful
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    Canada keeps records for potentially living persons pretty private. Not sure that this person's records would be online? Often newspapers are the best way to find more recent info.

    When you say 89cM - which site is telling you that, and if it's gedmatch, did you only use the default settings, or did you lower the thresholds?

    I'd suggest looking at what matches you have in common. Can you find a common ancestral line among those common matches? A common ancestral location/region?

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    I have seen the baptism on Ancestry, I just don't have access to it unfortunately.

    This is from My Heritage, so I haven't moved any thresholds. The shared matches that we have do not have trees, or have trees that have maybe 3 or 4 people in so I cant see anything that jumps out and they are all very small matches to both parties

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    There is so much variability in amount of shared cMs once you get beyond 2C. My father has several known cousins on his maternal grandmother's lineage. He is a better match to several 2C1Rs than a 2C on the same line (his and the 2C's g'grandparents, g'g'grandparents to the 2C1Rs - and there are several of them). Alternatively, he is not a significant match to his 3C on a branch of this line (common g'g'grandparents).

    Unfortunately, neither MH nor Ancestry use/report X matches, which can provide valuable clues about where to look for common ancestors.

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    How far back to look is an interesting one as i have found many DNA cousins on Ancestry that I am finding difficult to link so I tried just putting ina Place with no names and several of interest have come up as I recognise names from, late 1700's whereas previously putting names and places I was having difficulty.

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    Sounds like you and this person might share great great grandparents. Have you reseached this person's tree and found any names local to your great grandmother? Or do you know the identity of your great grandfather?


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