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Thread: John Nolan (Manchip/Swain/Hopkins)

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    Many thanks for that Matt. Where would I find Information on him in the 80th regiment?

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    159 may help,you can get a 1 mth sub for about £9.
    Ancestry has a higher level of cover that includes military records. I'm sure someone on here will have a look.
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    Re Michael & Elizabeth the 2 children of Thomas Nolan & his 2nd wife Sarah.
    Michael was born 6 Nov 1878 at Apoleen,Galway. Father Thomas a peasant,mother Sally Kean.
    Elizabeth was born 16 March 1882 at Apoleen,Galway. Father Thomas a peasant,mother Sarah Kean.
    1901 census shows the 4 of them living at Ahapouleen,Ballynacourty,Galway.
    In 1911 living at the same location,Sarah is a widow. Son Michael is head of family,a farmer. Also his wife Maria & son Thomas 3 mths.
    No sign of Elizabeth......Wonder if she has gone to Manchester and had a son ?
    Thomas died 20 March 1909 age 76 yrs. Occ a farmer, his wife Sarah was the informant.
    Sarah died 10 May 1930 age 89 yrs. Son Michael was the informant.
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    Hi had those census results, but am not sure they match the elder Thomas Nolan, as in the army records he was from Limmerick? Michael and Thomas were listed as farmers? Would this be right if he'd been a drummer in the army?
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    Thomas Nolan senior army listings.jpg
    This is the list of countries that Thomas Nolan (snr) visited when in the 80th Regiment. It clearly shows him in Hong Kong when his son, Thomas was born (1875). So I think we can safely say this is the correct father. I just want to verify him marrying the second Sarah, and having two further children, of which I hope Elizabeth was my Gt. Grandmother.
    I know Thomas Snr came from Limmerick as this was stated in the Army records. (#668). He appears to have been born around 1841, as he was 14 when he enlisted in 1855.

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    You found his army records, does it give Limerick as his place of birth or the place of enlistment. His son Thomas joined at Dublin. My own F-in-law travelled from Clare
    to sign up in Belfast
    In the birth record for Elizabeth & Michael he is recorded as a peasant. This was an agricultural labourer or small farmer paying rent. Working as a labourer he would
    learn farm working & by 1901 he has become a farmer. On the census look at the House & building form B and B2. This shows details of house size & outbuildings.
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    Yes, found them on 'findmypast' He is down as born 1841 in Limerick town, Limerick. So this doesn't tie in with the census, as that Thomas Nolan was born I 1833
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    Hi Carolyn, from the previous Y chromosome DNA test, My uncle (John Nolans son) had a match to a living Manchip and it said it was approx 3 or 4 generations back. Fortunately in his tree, it took us back to 3 generations, to a James O Manchip b.1846 in Bridgwater Somerset m. Alice Spencely b, 1841 bloomsbury, London. They had 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls. All the boys appear to have been in the forces.
    Thomas A. Manchip b. 1872 Lambeth, London d. 1960 Marlborough, Wiltshire.
    Henry Charles b. 1875 Hammersmith, London d. Edinburgh, Scotland
    James O b. 1878, Fulham, London d. 1949 Clapham Common, London.
    Wiliam Richard b. 1881 West Kensington d.1949 Clapham, London
    Walter John. b. 1883 Edinburgh d. 1943 Sydney, NSW, Australia.
    If we go back 4 generations, there are quite a number of male Manchip's.
    What I was wanting to know, is if any of the above were in the army, stationed in Ireland or Northern England, at a time when my grandfather was conceived.

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    Castanea, so what you really need is the service records of those Manchip men, bearing in mind that Miss Nolan could also have been more or less anywhere too, as she was a music hall singer.


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    Yes, OC. I'm trying to concentrate on the Nolan side first as now I at least have my gt. gt. grandfather. Thomas Nolan b.1840 in Limerick
    Then if I can work my way down to him having a daughter (as I'm pretty sure the tree I originally copied have the wrong census so probably not the Elizabeth I originally thought.) So I'm concentrating on the facts.. from Thomas's army records.. although I'm not good at deciphering them ...
    in fact I have his son, Thomas b.1879 joining the Connaught Rangers in Galway at the age of 14... but where it says have you lived away from your father for three year it says this... which I think says military school... but not sure..
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