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Thread: St. Michael's, Dumfries.

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    While looking for a death notice for Charles Graham, which I did not find, I came across this death of his son Thomas in York.


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    As to the slab lying on the ground at the other side of the Agnes Lee stone, my former colleagues and I were having a good confab about it yesterday. A second close look reveals that it is not a slab type stone that was meant to lie flat on the ground. There are curved corners at the end furthest from the back of Agnes’ stone. It was once upright and has fallen over or been coming dangerously loose and has been laid down, unfortunately on its face. Look at the size and shape of the stone and compare it with the mark on the back of Agnes’ stone. A perfect fit, we think.
    The graveyard MI transcriptions list this as lair B2 and Agnes as B3. I have enclosed images of the transcriptions for nos. B2 and 4 so you can check the names to see if either of the two either side of yours are connected to your family is any way.
    The date of Agnes’ stone will probably remain a mystery but our collective opinion was that most likely it was paid for either by a fundraising (I think you mentioned that in a newspaper) or from the compensation that George’s widow would eventually receive so she would have commissioned it. We all think the bit of upside down stone with Charles’ name and occupation is from a different stone and that McDowall has simply not seen it. It is of a different colour of sandstone and the carving of a different vintage to the large stone above. It could well be all that was salvaged from an older stone on the same plot which most likely contained Agnes, Charles, their infant children and Mary Thomson who was Agnes Lee’s mother.
    The only fly in the ointment that we can see in the above theory is that is would date the stone to after 1869 when Charles died and also his grandson Charles George aged 19 who is presumably the same one listed on the main stone.


    Grrr! 2nd image won’t load.
    Will hopefully get some luck at Cargen Towers when I eventually get there.
    Where is George’s wife buried? Are there any clues there? Did she remarry?
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    George's wife, Mary Strong, died aged 61 in 1883 . At the time she was living in Borough Road, Tranmere, Merseyside.
    Very many family members seem to have moved to the area before then.

    I already had the info re Thomas Graham who died in York and quite a bit about him too. I even have a passport photo for one of his grandsons who looks just like my Dad!!

    "The plot thickens."

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    Sorry, Forgot to say thanks for the book pages but none of the names ring a bell. Most of my Grahams were Charles, George or Thomas with a possible Peter being the father of Charles, baker, who was born in Edinburgh 1792.

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    Bad news Cath. Got a reply from council chap. They don’t have any lair books for the St. Michael’s kirkyard. None of their holdings go that far back in date.

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    Thanks you so much, Christine, for all your help.
    Looks like it will have to remain a mystery.


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