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Thread: family help please

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    family help please

    i have started to look at my nans sisters family (husbands, parents etc). And i've hit a problem already that i'm hoping someone can help me with.

    My nans sister Joyce thompson b 1933 married leslie alfred Day b 1928. on freebmd his mother is listed as putman, and in the 1939 census i have found him, a sister (kathleen b 1925) and mother name as lily. However, when i searched freebmd for kathleen mmn is listed as lowe. I can't find a marriage for day - lily putman or day - lily lowe.

    is it likely that she was lily day and not married? or father not known? or is there a chance of other marriages before the kids were born?

    any help grateful.
    **no point asking the living for help as the dead are more helpful!!!**

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    Day Leslie A mmn Low Ely 3b 637
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