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    john king 1750

    first time I have had a subscription with findmypast mainly because they have a lot of Kent details on there. So I have just been browsing and I have a John King b 1750 Eynsford married to Martha Ste, No idea where I got that name from. Must have been when I was new to this lark, Anyway I have been browsing the parish records and the only John King married in Eynsford is married to Ann Gurr. The nearest I found to Martha Ste is a Martha Stow but that was nearer to dartford than Eynsford so I am going to change the spouse of John King!!!!

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    I can't see a John King b Eynsford 1750 ?

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    I have a feeling you got the name Martha Ste from Familysearch, they have her marrying John King on 31.10.1785 in Shoreham which is just below Eynsford on the map. Ref Batch no M 135122.

    FMP has 2 entries for Banns for Martha and John King both at Ss Peter & Paul, Shoreham. The first is for Martha Stow and John King 17th, 24th and 31st August 1783 and the second is for Martha Sto and John King 16th, 23rd, 30th Oct 1785. They married 31st Oct as Martha Sto and John King.

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    "o" and "e" can look similar in old writing, with the closed loop of an "o".

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    thank you, only just seen the reply's, got distracted by other

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    Quote Originally Posted by kylejustin View Post
    "o" and "e" can look similar in old writing, with the closed loop of an "o".
    yes I came across a perfect example of that the other day, the name above mine was transcribed as warron but when you see it , it then becomes clear that it is warren


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