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Thread: Does this say what I think it says

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    Does this say what I think it says


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    so it was a crime then? thats the first one I've seen, thanks OC


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    Yes, suicide was a crime and so was attempted suicide until 1961, you went to prison for it. The church considers that only god can end a life otherwise it is murder.

    My mum found a neighbour with her head in the gas oven and called an ambulance. They saved her life but she went to prison and her three children went into a Home because hubby "couldn't cope" and my mum always wished she hadn't interfered because no good came out of it. Hard times.


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    Val, people who committed suicide were often refused burial services in churches and burials in consecrated ground because the act was considered a sin as well as a crime.

    Janet in Yorkshire

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    Bit much you aren't allowed to take your own life.
    Thats awful OC , she must have felt awful knowing that happened.


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    Today I ws trawling burials and came across a poor chap

    "No service. Laid violent hands upon himself".


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    Sad to think you must be very depressed to kill yourself ,so it should never be a sin.



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