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Thread: Portuguese Ancestry ..

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    a "dealer" ??

    ha ha ha ..

    surely not drugs .. a dealer of antiques or something ..

    hmmm ..

    the document i "thought" i had .. is actually this ..

    i'm not registered with ancestry .. so those links are no good to me ..

    a PM is coming your way macbev ..
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    well .. the marriage cert .. i don't have .. only that reference ..

    and the naturalization paper .. puzzles me ..

    according to this he came to aus on the ship abrolhos ..

    the birth year on his grave marking .. puts him on the harriet armitage ..

    two different ships .. an age gap of 6 years ..

    which one is it ???????????????????????????????? ...

    and i must add this .. ..
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    Hi Silver, I can't call up any information at all on either of the links you posted
    Looks to me as if you have come across two interesting family history accounts, but unfortunately neither of them contains any references to back up the details in the story.
    If it were me, I would want to start the story afresh - beginning with myself and documenting each stage of the journey with the relevant certificates/alternative paperwork to show names, dates, places and prove relationships. Yes it will cost money to get any missing evidence (we are all aware that genealogy can be expensive!!) but without it we cannot establish the links between the generations and guarantee accuracy.
    How far back from yourself, generation wise, do you have documentary evidence to prove your descent? I would suggest that you use these proven facts as your starting point for further research. I'm sure the family history accounts above will have many leads which you can follow up. I know very little about Australian genealogy sources, so can't give advice on WHERE to look to back up the information in the two accounts - but we have several forum members who will be able to help you.

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    that link should work .. i copied it directly from the url ..

    it starts from me, my father, my pop or as follows:

    joseph da silva, born c/1836; married catherine nowland, on aug 8 1876, age 40
    they had three sons.
    1: peter silver born 1888; died 1909, no further info - he was 21.
    2: francis silver born 1892; married on oct 21 1915 age 23.
    died june 20 1966, chermside hospital, buried mt gravatt brisbane (july 22 '19, from page j24 of family history book).
    3: paul james silver born 1894; married march 4 1919 age 25.

    2) francis silver had two sons:
    1: leonard silver born 1916; married 1940 age 24
    no sons.
    2: lawrence silver born 1918; married 1953 age 35* (married march 8 '53).
    6 sons:
    names removed
    have some info about them.

    3) paul james silver had two sons:
    1: name removed silver born 1927; married 1948 age 21.
    5 sons.
    name removed
    silver born 1930; married 1969 age 39*
    1 son.

    name removed
    sons, are
    names removed

    name removed
    name removed
    , born 1971; no current record of marriage.

    name removed
    born 1949; married 1977 age 28
    name removed
    born 1952; married 1984 age 32
    name removed
    born 1956; married 1977 age 21
    name removed
    born 1958; married 1984 age 26
    name removed
    born 1965; married 1986 21

    name removed
    son is
    name removed
    , born 1978
    name removed
    son is me, born 1982.
    name removed
    sons are are
    name removed
    born 1984 and
    name removed
    , born 1988.
    name removed
    sons are
    names removed

    that info is correct up to paul james .. being my pop's father .. well, thats what i know ..

    before paul james is what i know, from the family tree booklet ..
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    Were Joseph and Catherine really married for 12 years before they had their first child? How old was Catherine at marriage?


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    If the Ancestry tree here is correct, there were several daughters also, one of whom was b.2 Dec 1876 (Anthony is not able to see this tree as he does not have a sub)

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    I can see that there is a v on the end of the url re the ship

    Researching:Luggs, Freeman - Cornwall; Dayman, Hobbs, Heard - Devon
    Wilson, Miles - Northants; Brett, Everett, Clark, Allum - Herts/Essex
    Plant, Skinner - Lincs ....all moved to London
    Also interested in Proctor, Woodruff

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    Thanks Macbev. So the written history is selected information not a full tree.

    My advice would be the same as anyone else's on here - start again from scratch and prove everything with primary documents, not hearsay evidence.


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    Actually, the handwritten history (post #32) contains the same list of children as the tree on Ancestry. I suspect there is also room for error as there seem to be two seamen of similar age and name operating in and out of Sydney during the early 1860s. Hard to be certain who is who.

    Would have to concur with the advice from others.

    "My advice would be the same as anyone else's on here - start again from scratch and prove everything with primary documents, not hearsay evidence."

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    As I said in post #29 you need to get the FREE trial for Ancestry through that link. Then you will be able to see what we are all seeing. The two ships show he was an AB in 1863 on the Harriett Armitage from NZ and a 2nd mate on the Abrolhos which came from Rio in 1865. So it appears he was on both - not either/or.. he could have been back and forth several times in between. He must have got to NZ by another ship pre 1863 - assuming all these records are for him - I don't think you can ever be sure. You will need to look for ships arriving NZ pre 1863 to see if you can find him. He could even have been a stowaway.
    However as others have said you need to follow a paper trail from yourself backwards to prove each step of the way.
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