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Thread: Looking for Derry location

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    Looking for Derry location

    Hello from Australia,

    I am trying to find the location in which my great, great grandmother was born. She was married and died in Australia and both certificates give her birth place as Bally Macomb Derry in 1846 but I haven't been able to find that name anywhere. Would appreciate any help you can give.


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    I can only see Ballycombs Beg and Ballycombs More Townlands/Streets in Ballyscullion Parish. However 1911 census has them listed as Bellaghy parish.
    Hopefully our member Elwyn will see this and give more info.


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    EDIT the above should read Ballymacombs Beg and Ballymacombs More


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    As has been said, there are 2 townlands named Ballymacombs. Ballymacombs more and Ballymacombs Beg. (More just means big and Beg means small, in gaelic). The 2 townlands are beside each other between Bellaghy and Clady.

    Here’s a link to both townlands in the 1901 census:



    Total population of the 2 townlands in 1901 was 362.

    The 1831 census is also on that same website and you might find helpful.

    If you can give me a bit of information about your ancestors family, I may be able to identify where they live din the townland for you.

    I am based in Co. Antrim and undertake research in Northern Ireland. Please feel free to contact me for help or advice via PM.


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