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Thread: Trying to find these Marriages, (Butler).

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    Trying to find these Marriages, (Butler).

    Patrick Butler, (Born Ireland) Married Jane Howard.

    On the 1841 census the family are in Hulme, Manchester. The children of Patrick Butler and Jane Howard were:

    Stephen 11 born Ireland
    Frances 9 in-county
    Sarah 6 in-county
    Mary Ann 3 in-county
    Jane 1 in-county

    On the 1851 census:

    Stephen 21 born Ireland
    Fanny 19 born Manchester
    Mary Ann 14 born Hulme
    Jane 12 born Hulme
    Thomas 8 born Hulme
    Mazbath 6 born Hulme
    John 4 born Hulme
    Anastasia 10 months born Hulme.

    I've found Marriages for Stephen Butler, - to Rachel Thompson.
    Also for Frances Butler, - to Richard Kean.

    However, I'm having difficulties with some of the others:-(

    Mazbath is I believe May Beth! (Mis-transcribed).

    Any help welcomed,

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    First name(s) ANASTASIA
    Last name BUTLER
    Gender Female
    Birth day -
    Birth month -
    Birth year -
    Age -
    Death quarter 3
    Death year 1863
    District Chorlton
    County Lancashire

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    First name(s) Mary Ann
    Last name Butler
    Sex Female
    Age 26
    Birth year 1838
    Marital status Single
    Year 1864
    Date 09 Jun 1864
    Place Deansgate, St John
    Spouse's first name(s) John
    Spouse's last name Constantine
    Spouse's sex Male
    Spouse's age 27
    Spouse's birth year 1837
    Spouse's marital status Single
    Father's first name(s) Patrick
    Father's last name Butler
    Spouse's father's first name(s) James
    Spouse's father's last name Constantine
    Town Manchester

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    Thanks so much for finding those Janet H.

    I think that possibly Sarah Butler Died too, because I can't find a definite Marriage for her.


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    Thomas Butler
    13 Nov 1842 Baptised: 13 Nov 1842 Father: Patrick BUTLER Mother: Jane
    HOWARD Godfather: Not named Godmother: Elisabeth
    RIPPENHAM Notes: Born Feb 28

    St Wilfrids Roman Catholic Church
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    19 Jan 1845 Baptised: 19 Jan 1845 Father: Patrick BUTLAR Mother: [...] [...]
    Godfather: Wil. PALS Godmother: Mary WILLIAMSON Notes:
    Born Dec 15
    BUTLAR Elizabeth

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    Many Thanks for those Baptisms Janet H, - much appreciated.



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