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Sorry for the delay, Caroline. Thank you very much for combining the two threads - something I would have liked to do but did not know how.
The MacKiev support is useless for detailed help. They are, however, magnificent at questions about selling and pricing.
Facebook is something I would not touch with a barge pole. (Do barges still use poles?)
Thank you and regards.
Tony V.
Using Facebook or not is your decision but I assume that you have also "googled" to find other sources of help? Personally one of the main reasons I went with Family Historian years ago is their User Group. I had an expensive try of FTM 2017 but gave up with it for many reasons but they do have a very thorough user guide.

This is the blog run by one of the helpful Facebook FTM users:

Until I actually used Facebook I was very scathing (back then I was very rude about forums in general). I think that many people just realise what a wealth of information is contained there ... you don't have to do any more than sign in, hide all your info, don't make friends and join some relevant groups and read, asking questions if a search of the group doesn't help you.