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Thread: James Calvin Morrison

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    Thank you for all your advice. Have found a James C. Morrison with two siblings living with another family which may be the connection. Am sure there is something not quite right here as the info is so patchy. Just the frequency of moves in six years is a bit iffy. But I will see how far I can get.

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    As the deaths are confirmed I have reinstated the first thread and merged it with the replies.

    (Did you see my PM to you yesterday? It will be in the top right hand corner of the page with a little number by it.)
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    Obviously, you have family stories and previous search results that can guide your research. Apologies if you have already worked on these ideas:
    * you mentioned a first marriage and child from it. Locating records of those events may shed light on your search.
    * presumably he divorced wife #1? Divorce records do exist, and can shed a lot of light if they can be found. They are (usually?) held in the county court offices where the divorce was filed.
    * Locating his probate record (it might hold the information from the lawyer's search for descendants, for example)
    * I sometimes find it useful to think about what was going on in the country in the time that my ancestors lived
    - WWI ended in 1918.
    - assistance to single mother's or poor families was often done thru charities, and families may have been broken up, with children used as labor (e.g., farms).
    - young men were on their own at an early age (to us).
    * last - genetic genealogy. If you haven't tested, it's worth a try. Methods used by are useful in anyone's family search, not just an adoptee's. Wait for a sale. Suggested progression for testing
    - AncestryDNA
    - migrate results to and (free upload and match lists, low $ cost to upgrade to advanced tools)
    - migrate results to (not sure what they're charging now)
    - test again at (with or without health reports - they don't assist your genealogy search)

    Best wishes.
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