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Thread: Nautical help needed please

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkDurham View Post
    The Latitude will be given as either North or South, the longitude either East or West.

    If it's 9.8N (9deg 8min North), 138.48E (or 138deg 48min East) then it is about 28 miles off the north west coast of Yap Island.

    If it's 9.8S (9deg 8min South), 138.48E (or 138deg 48min East) then it is in the Arafura Sea just off the coast of northern Australia near Wessel Marchinbar Island.

    Hope that helps.
    Thank you very much Mark.

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    Oops, there's an error in what I wrote!

    9.8N is not the same as 9deg 8minutes North! If 9.8N was meant to be interpreted as degrees by the reader, then it's 9deg 48min North. Same for the longitude: 138.48 East is 138deg 28.8min East.

    It doesn't make that much difference when you are looking for a rough area on Google Earth. However, it makes a lot of difference if you are trying to pinpoint an exact spot.


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