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    PEOPLE Section

    Suddenly in the PEOPLE boxes I can get nothing except the name. I also want AKA and Person ID.
    Can anyone give me a hint what I have done wrong, please?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I am the OP.
    I have just noticed that the same (name only) happens also in PUBLISH descendant tree.
    Thanks again.

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    What software (and version) is this? I am guessing that it is version of Family Tree Maker.
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    I think he's using FTM2014 though I could be wrong.

    Under 'tools' setting there is 'options' and the naming/AKA's can be selected in there. [that's from looking at my FTM2017] though.
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    I am using FTM2017 and I still cannot get the Person Id. in the People boxes (as shown in my uploaded image).
    However I get everything in Publish > Extended Family.
    Person Id in the Persons boxes would be a great help. I have other trees and the PI does show in the People boxes in all of them.
    Thank you


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