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Thread: Italian Mafia 1910's - 1950's

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    Italian Mafia 1910's - 1950's

    *my first post, hi everyone*

    My family was in the italian mafia and I am trying to find more information on this. Seems there isn't a site or forum dedicated to this subject tho, i am sure there has to be something but i cannot find it. Does anyone know where there is a community forum on this subject or where i should look for more info on how the mafia was operating during the time period listed?

    I've done a lot of reading on sites that i've found, but nothing is helpful for my research yet. I have questions like, why did the Italian consulate pay for my uncles release from prison if he wasn't even born in italy or have citizenship? Was it because both his parents were italian? Or, who was in charge of the mafia or prominent mafia families in Massachusetts, South Carolina or California? How did the italian mafia recruit people? Also, where can i find court documents or prison records or any other criminal information on family members? My cousin said that the police and sometimes the fbi would sit outside their house, i wonder if there is any paperwork about that somewhere. My uncle also owned a restaurant in SC that was a front for all his mafia business, makes me wonder if thats written down somewhere but idk where i would even begin to look.

    I have already dug up every newspaper article, and whatever and have to offer, so i need some help on what direction to take next.

    Thanks so much for any help or advice you can provide.

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    I have no idea where you might look ......... but I doubt there is very much online that is accurate or name names, apart from police files or murder reports.

    It is one of the most secretive of all secret societies! The main leaders of the "family" were often known, but lower operatives were not known, and folk who told the secrets were often killed.

    Was Frank Sinatra a member????? Who knows, but he was certainly helped by one or more Mafia families in New York/New Jersey.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!
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