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    The son is potentially still alive so I have had to remove his name where three members have named him.

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    There seems to be endless confusion on ancestry trees, all of them public re: Reginald Kenneth Saunders. There are actual birthdates to match the one you have certified. Also a couple as 09/18 which I suspect is just the birth index reference.
    But - he is shown variously with three wives, the third being Monica Gordon Ryan 1924 - 2015. There is a tree entry for a female child to this marriage. Annoyingly , no tree shows more than one wife.
    This female child married and had children presumably to a Mr Wilders, this fact deduced from the tree as the name and full birth and death dates of a two year old boy are in that public tree.
    One has Reginald dying 2001 in Australia but no source. Another has his him supposedly in a 1939 London telephone book but I can’t see why they think that is him as the address is for a Reginald C. Saunders.
    The only consistent things that I can see are the deaths of his brother Edward Kitchener Saunders in 1986 and sister Audrey Maud Saunders in 1996. Audrey was married but no children shown and her husband is also deceased.
    Edward Kitchener Saunders was married to Marie T Nickells also now deceased and they had a son Edward Charles who died in 2003. He was married and according to the tree his wife is living.
    I think your best bet would be to try to find this lady from marriage indexes and use electoral search to see if you can find her whereabouts. Perhaps she knows where/when Reginald died?
    Or you could trace the children of the daughter of Reginald and Monica Gordon Ryan as in another of the trees.
    The son of Reginald and May E Grimshaw is actually named in the Grimshaw tree. Although his death date says unknown, the tree owner must have marked him as deceased for his name to show publicly. Maybe the tree owner could help you?


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